Features, Series, Docos, Music Videos, Shorts, TVC, Corporate, Show Reels.

Camera Operator

Digital or Film. Experienced with a broad range of gear.


Day player or regular. Fully equipped.

Editing – Motion Graphics – Titles – Colour Grading

Based around Resolve Studio and Fusion, using a 16 core 32 thread Threadripper system with 64GB and dual 1080TI GPUs. Real time 4K DCI editing with multi-monitor outputs and a 60in calibrated viewing monitor.


Full production services, from pre-production to deliverables. Produce, shoot, edit, effects, grade and deliver to big or small screens.


Weekly rates negotiable. Additional equipment negotiable.

Student/Budget rates negotiable. Feel free to haggle, you never know.

Work local is negotiable. Based in Melbourne.

ABN 77 950 056 439.