Sound Devices PIX 240

There have been numerous compact solid state ProRes recorders released and announced over the past month. Feature wise, the best so far appears to the the Sound Devices PIX 240. It looks to have the best build quality, and the strongest feature set. It’s on my short list.


5 thoughts on “Sound Devices PIX 240

  1. Hi David

    We’ll have a working demonstration PIX-240 here in Melbourne hopefully in June. Would appreciate your feedback. Sale units are estimated mid July.



    John Rowley
    Managing Director
    Soundequip Pty Ltd
    ABN 95 006 817 125
    506 Kooyong Road
    Caulfield South VIC 3162

    T +61 3 9596 7272
    M +61 418 100 860
    F +61 3 8080 0778

  2. Abelcine New york are selling the PIX 240 for US$2595.
    I have ordered one with a caddy and hirose-dtap cable plus freight for AU$2700 from them.
    John Barry’s is selling them for AU$2860, no caddy or anything.

  3. I do hope the PIX recorders are up to proper production standards. Solid reliability is needed, the Ki Pro Mini is just useless when the pressure is on.

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