Conspiracy 365

Conspiracy 365 has completed week four of eight in the first block of shooting out of three scheduled until December. Shooting with three Sony PMW-F3 cameras, which have performed very well, without a single reliability issue. Kitted out suitably, they can’t be faulted, and the image is just stunning. The same reliability can’t be claimed for some of our other gear or suppliers.

The AJA Ki Pro Mini has given us continual problems, with random lockups, recording interrupted, settings changing after crashes, and a generally slow and frustrating interface. Pressing record does not always begin a recording. Be careful.

Our Teradek has been a singular piece of junk. It has rarely worked, and never for long enough for a take. Rubbish. Soon to be replaced.

Videocraft supplied much of our gear, but has pretty much left us standing when it came to issues and timely deliveries. So much of our gear has not yet arrived, and often when it does it sits on a desk at Videocraft for a week or more until we chase it up. Not recommended.

Despite the issues, the rushes look pretty nice.

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