Ignorance Abounds

So many people pass themselves off as experts of various flavours on the web. Yet quite often they are simply ignorantly repeating marketing brochures, or worse yet, just repeating another’s error. Trying to increase their web traffic no doubt.

The terms resolution and resolve are in the context camera sensors closely linked. You can’t redefine one without breaking the definition of the other. It’s even in the dictionary.

4K resolves twice the resolution of 2K. 4K therefore has twice the resolution of 2K. Seems pretty simple.

There are of course four times the pixels with 4K versus 2K, but it cannot resolve four time the detail, only twice the detail, ergo, there is twice the resolution. I did have some hopes for RedShark News when it first opened, but when I posted this information about their 4K article it seems they have deleted it. Not even a mention of the need to sit closer than 6 feet to your 50″ TV just to begin to notice it’s 4K.

Straight marketing regurgitation, oh well…

Not Quite Right Article

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