New FS100 Test

Abelcine have tested the dynamic range of the production model of the FS100 and have found some nice improvements over the pre-production model. Roughly 11.5 stop now.

FS100 Dynamic Range


F3 S-Log Upgrade

The F3 S-Log upgrade, part number CBK-RGB01, is available for purchase now. With this upgrade, and an external HD-SDI recorder, well will start to see some beautiful footage showing the true capability of the F3 soon.

Sony F3 S-Log Test


Sony F3 Fireware Update

Sony have released the free firmware update for the F3. This update enables quite a few things, including HD-SDI and HDMI simultaneously, as well as Planning Metadata and more Dual-Link modes.

Upgrading my F3 now.

Sony F3 1.10 Firmware

Update: Upgraded perfectly, but now my F3 no longer reads my MXM adapters. Not good.



I had five shorts make it into the Dungog Film Festival program. It seemed worthwhile to make the trip, and it was fun, but entirely due to the people I travelled with and friends I met there. Dungog is no doubt a major undertaking in management and logistics, but being a film festival, you think they might pay more than cursory attention to projection and seating.

Poor quality projection with washed out blacks and milky whites. Very low screen heights which caused those in front of you to obscure a third of the screen. Very high ambient noise levels in the theatres with what sounded like electrical machinery running. Poorly masked windows and lights washing out screens. Child sized seating with fixed spacing to sit in for over two hours. Insufficient seats leaving many to sit on cold, hard flooring.

Dungog was a lot of fun, and very disappointing at the same time. With three or four thousand of people spending two hundred odd dollars each on tickets alone, you’d think some might be allocated to the venues.

There were some very good films though too. Adam’s Talit was my pick for best short.