Convergent Design Odyssey7 Family

Convergent Design have just announced their next generation HD-SDI based solid state recorder.

It looks to have most areas covered. 7.7in OLED screen, RAW, RGB and YCC input, HD, 2K, LUTs, Waveform, Vectorscope, a second version with 4K input and recording, to many specs to cover.

It’s also has rent-able upgrades, for RAW for example. Very impressive so far.

Convergent Design Odyssey7


Prores And Windows

Apple’s never ending attempts to stay incompatible with the computing world at large have caused many a problem with cross platform projects. Not every application you need runs on a Mac, a PC, Linux, or numerous other less common platforms. Being able to transfer your image source from one platform to another transparently can be critical.

The popularity of Prores has caused Windows users in particular many problems, as Apple refuses to allow native Prores encoding through Quicktime on Windows. Now there is now no need to avoid the general clunkyness, gamma issues, lack of metadata, etc, that Apple’s clinging to Mov wrappers introduces.

Cinemartin have released Cinemartin Cinec, a free application which can encode Prores on Windows, amongst many other formats. One less problem to deal with in post on cross platform productions.

Cinemartin Cinec


Kubrick’s Lenses

The lenses Kubrick had specially remounted for Barry Lyndon are somewhat legendary. At F0.7 they had a unique look, required a specially rebuilt non-reflex camera, were used only in one film, then locked away for nearly forty years.

With modern digital cameras it’s possible to use these lenses with a relatively simple mount. All they had to do was secure the lenses.

Kubrick Collection