EVF035W-3G Viewfinder

All of the currently available HD-SDI viewfinders are flawed in some irritating ways, be it the diopter, the panel, the build quality, the mounting system.

Here’s a new entry which hopefully improves on these problems. TVLogic EVF035W-3G.


2 thoughts on “EVF035W-3G Viewfinder

  1. Dear David,

    Thanks for your comments regarding the viewfinders currently on the market.
    This is why we ( Alphatron ) decided last year to come with a real professional answer, together with TVLogic.
    I hope that we tackled all the shortcomings of the existant viewfinders with the EVF-035W-3G.
    Please check our website again in the weeks to come!
    If you have any suggestions, I would be most greatful, to receive them.

    With kind regards,

    John Raadgeep
    Alphatron Broadcast Electronics
    Man. Director

    Man. Director

  2. If you can tackle critical focus and frame lag, I will buy one. Very happy to test one for you 🙂

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