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Abelcine have put up a few F3 Picture Profiles using the S-Log gamma curve now enabled on the F3 with the v1.4 firmware. One thing not mentioned to bear in mind is that S-Log uses Superwhites and Superblacks. Data is recorded across bits 0-1023, not just the broadcast safe 64-940. S-Log Picture Profiles
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And right on cue for the F3 S-Log release, Abelcine have just put a LUT grading tutorial up showing how to de-log your footage. Abelcine Log LUT Tutorial
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Sony have finally released the F3 firmware enabling S-Log within Picture Profiles. S-Log is a free upgrade for all F3 owners now, but you don’t get LUTs, 4:4:4 or RGB without the paid upgrade. There will be some very nice Picture Profiles appearing online soon I imagine… Sony F3 v1.4 Firmware
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